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As a savvy investor you need to notice trends here are 7 reasons to invest in CBD . CBD it seems to be everywhere . . . because it is everywhere! Health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, athletic trainers, physical therapists. Even gas stations are all getting into the CBD game while it is booming. These retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are all making money by being involved with CBD. Here are 9 reasons you should get yourself a slice of CBD pie.


CBD is now Federally Legal


You read that right! CBD was made federally legal after the signing of the Farm Bill in 2018. This bill finally made the legal differentiation between hemp and marijuana. Both are a variety of the cannabis plant, but they have major differences. Hemp contains higher levels of CBD and below the legal limit of 0.3% THC. THC is the stuff that makes you “high”. Marijuana contains higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. All CBD products on the market are derived from hemp. As marijuana is only legal in certain areas of the country.


CBD and THC have different and distinct audiences


A cannabinoid is a molecule containing the active makeup of the cannabis plant. There are 113 different cannabinoids that have been identified up to this point. CBD and THC are just two of them. THC mainly comes from marijuana and produces the feeling of being “high” when consumed. This market is different from the CBD market . Where users are looking for the benefits of cannabis, without any of the high. Of course there is some overlap, and this is a good thing! It was found that 70% of CBD users also use THC products, and that these users tend to spend less on THC than cannabis users who only use THC products. So those that use THC gummy bears would not be deterred from buying CBD gummy bears as well.


Evidence about CBD’s benefits is building


The number of studies on CBD’s anti anxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain and sleep management qualities has been increasing and conclusions are promising. CBD has been found through multiple studies to have significant applications when it comes to pain management and decreasing inflammation. This could be joint or muscle pain from arthritis or another illness or even just pain from working out and even pain from cancer. A product like Full Spectrum CBD oil could be just what someone needs to help them deal with anxiety or to get some well-deserved sleep. One study found that 42% of CBD users gave up on their prescription and other meds in favor of CBD’s benefits (Brightfield). This may be because 66% of CBD users reported the CBD to be either “more effective” or “much more effective” some over-the-counter meds and 52% thought CBD was “much more effective” than prescription meds (Brightfield).


Influencers love the stuff


Celebrities and athletes and popular social media personalities. Have a big say in who is buying what products just based on their popularity. People listen to them and their opinions. When a celebrity says “I use this product and you should too”, the sales start to roll in! Big names in the CBD game include Kim Kardashian, Nate Diaz, Seth Rogan, Kristen Bell, Montel Williams, Jennifer Aniston, and much, much more.


Huge CBD market opportunities


No one exactly knows where the CBD market will go, but most experts agree that it is only going up! The Cowen group recently released an analysis stating that the CBD market will exceed $75 Billion by the year 2030. That’s billion, with a ‘B’. The number of people using CBD has grown dramatically in recent years. While just having 108 million CBD sales in 2014, 2019 saw 813 million CBD sales. Searches for the term ‘CBD’ have exceeded that of ‘marijuana’ (Google Trends) and it is expected to keep growing.


Quality is becoming more important


As more and more people turn to CBD for help with their illnesses and wellness conditions, quality becomes incredibly important. Educated consumers will turn to the higher priced product. Because quality and being able to ‘feel’ the effects are valued properties of any CBD-product. Developing higher quality products and keeping up with intensive testing. Requires more money from the company which, in turn, is good for your investment. Finding high quality CBD for sale is how future CBD users will shop, and these higher priced items will bring in a higher sales total each year.


A growing number of industries are involved with CBD


Think you are the only one who wants in on the CBD gold rush?? Nope. Major companies in a variety of industries are getting in the game. Pharmaceutical companies will develop drugs with CBD as an ingredient as soon as the FDA makes a few more rulings on regulations surrounding CBD. One med already exists, a drug called Epidiolex which is used for childhood epilepsy. Skin care products, infused drinks and food (CBD beer anyone???), and pet products are all on the horizon. Having investments placed with these companies poised to take advantage of the CBD boom could be advantageous for your portfolio.




CBD, now federally legal, presents a potentially, highly profitable investment opportunity. As the benefits become more mainstream, more influential people speak to how well CBD has treated them and more sales accumulate. The market is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022 and $75 billion by 2030. There were more than 800 million CBD sales in 2019 and that is projected to keep growing and growing. As quality becomes more important to the consumer, more money will need to flow into these companies to keep up. Larger, established companies in other industries like skin care or popular beverages. Can take advantage of the CBD industry and as a shareholder. This can be very exciting. Keep your eye out for hot CBD leads and don’t miss your chance to get a piece of the CBD pie!



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