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SAN FRANCISCO–()–Brightseed, the bioactive discovery company, announced today the launch of Brightseed Bio 01™, a novel dietary hemp fiber to support gut health formulated for use in food and beverages. Sourced from upcycled hemp hulls and formulated to optimize bioactive content, Brightseed Bio 01™ is the only dietary fiber on the market that contains two bioactive compounds that have shown the ability to support gut barrier integrity in preclinical studies.

Brightseed Bio 01™ will debut at SupplySide West (SSW), held October 31 – November 4, 2022 in Las Vegas (booth #2075). Brightseed’s new ingredient will be showcased in a number of on-trend prototypes, including a first-to-market protein crisp ingredient, BioCrisp+, jointly developed by Brightseed and Puris, a leading supplier of plant-based proteins, starches and grains.

“We’re thrilled to launch Brightseed Bio 01™, the first of many bioactive ingredients in Brightseed’s pipeline that will enable companies to innovate for health and bring science-backed solutions forward for consumers,” said Sofia Elizondo, co-founder and COO, Brightseed. “More than ever, people are turning to the food and beverage industry for proactive and personalized health solutions. Brightseed Bio 01™ is the latest demonstration of how Forager® A.I. is furthering our understanding of how bioactives found in nature are powerful catalysts to improve human healthspan.”

Dietary fiber is an essential part of any healthy diet because of its ability to help maintain normal gut health. But today, only 5% of Americans consume the recommended daily intake. Brightseed Bio 01™ infuses food and beverage products with a unique combination of both dietary fiber and bioactives to support gut strength.

The gut health benefits that distinguish Brightseed Bio 01™ were identified by Brightseed’s A.I. platform Forager®. Brightseed Bio 01™ contains two naturally occurring plant compounds, N-trans-caffeoyl tyramine (NCT) and N-trans-feruloyl tyramine (NFT), that help maintain gut barrier integrity, according to Brightseed’s recently presented preclinical research.1 Clinical research studies are underway to validate this health effect. Forager® also identified hemp hulls as the richest known source of NCT and NFT. Hemp hulls are a rich source of dietary fiber that are largely a byproduct of hemp heart production, which Brightseed has upcycled to create Brightseed Bio 01.™ In addition, Brightseed Bio1™ offers a high concentration of dietary fiber, enabling manufacturers to easily achieve a good source of fiber content in their products.

Formulated to optimize bioactive content to support overall gut health, Brightseed Bio 01™ can be easily integrated into cereals, granolas, nutrition bars and functional beverages, among other popular items. Brightseed will demonstrate their fiber’s unique attributes in several product prototypes at SSW, including the newly formulated Puris BioCrisp+ made with Brightseed Bio 01™. The crisp is designed for inclusion in cereals, bars and baked goods, where it will deliver delicious, nutrition-packed crunch with an excellent source of protein and good source of fiber.

“Sustainability and innovation are the core of what we do at PURIS. Partnering with Brightseed on a crisp that revitalizes a fiber stream to create a complete plant protein encompasses what we see as the future of the plant-based space,” said Tyler Lorenzen, CEO, PURIS Proteins.

Anna Gustafson, RDN and Business Development Executive at PURIS added, “Bioactives have been missing from American diets, and attention to their functions is the future of better-for-you products. PURIS is excited to partner with Brightseed on a novel protein crisp that targets the fiber deficit and rising consumer demand for gut health solutions.”

“Puris is an ideal partner that is at the forefront of plant-based, sustainability-focused health innovation that solves challenges food companies face, and we’re thrilled to debut Brightseed Bio 01™ with them in a revolutionary protein crisp for immediate consumer product integration,” said Alina Slotnik, VP of Bioactives, Brightseed. “Brightseed Bio 01™ not only demonstrates how Forager® is rapidly translating insights into tangible products for the marketplace but offers a true evolution in the field of nutrition science to benefit consumer health.”

For more about Brightseed Bio 01™, visit booth #2075 at SupplySide West 2022, October 31-November 4, or

1. Bolster, Doug. “Impact of two novel plant bioactives on rescue of impaired gut barrier function using human primary cell intestinal epithelium.” Presented at International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Annual Conference, October 2-5, 2022.

About Bioactives

Bioactives are small molecule compounds produced by plants, fungi, and microbes that grow in and adapt to environments that present a wide range of challenges to their survival. Bioactives also benefit the health of humans – they are the enlivening caffeine in tea, the powerful antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes or curcumin in turmeric, and they inform active ingredients in medicines like Taxol, aspirin and Metformin, the latter a first-line treatment for Type 2 diabetes derived from the French lilac flower. Science has long known that bioactives are critical to human health, yet the vast majority remain unknown and uncharted – often referred to as the “dark matter” of nutrition. Brightseed’s A.I., Forager®, discovers bioactives in nature and maps them to human health outcomes at a rate and accuracy that was previously impossible.

About Brightseed

Brightseed is a pioneer in biosciences and artificial intelligence (A.I.) that illuminates nature to restore human health. Brightseed’s proprietary A.I., Forager®, accelerates bioactive discovery, biological validation and ingredient formulation from years to months, rapidly revealing new connections between nature and humanity. Through Forager® and clinical evaluation, Brightseed partners with organizations across the consumer health continuum to offer insight into the world of bioactives and health solutions. Visit to learn more.


PURIS is the leading supplier of pea protein in North America. The family-owned company is leading the plant-based protein movement by making organic and non-GMO ingredients more functional, accessible, affordable, and nutrient-rich. PURIS develops the ingredients that fuel retail’s biggest brands, from alternative meats to non-dairy milks and everything in between. The company’s domestic end-to-end system ensures a wholesome journey from seed to solution. PURIS was recently named the most innovative food company in the world. Visit to learn more.

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