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While many have heard of a microbrewery, two brothers in Buchanan are preparing to open the city’s first marijuana microgrowery.

Lifted microgrowery has been in the works for four years.

It was started by brothers Michael and RJ Walpole and they say it is a combination of both of their interests and experiences to bring a unique dispensary to Buchanan.

“From the license standpoint, we have what’s called the micro business license, which is small plant grow with the retail attached. The kind of catch is all flower that is sold here has to be grown here. So we can’t export or import any flower,” Michael Walpole said.

The store can buy and sell, edibles, concentrates and cartridges but they say that they cannot grow as much as others as having to grow the plant in house increases the quality for the customer as they are limited to 300 plants.

“Every strains react different, grow different. And so this way, it allows us to cater to the individual plant where you get a big, large grow, they’ve got hundreds to 1000s of plants that they so they kind of have to take that middle ground and its quality kind of suffers a little bit.” RJ Walpole said.

While the store is the first of its kind in Buchanan they also want to make it a one of a kind experience for the customer when they are inside the store, saying that their goal of quality over quantity does extend past growing their product,

“We don’t want to make anyone feel rushed. We’re trying to ask 100 questions, smell everything,…

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