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In a classic case of cat-and-mouse, the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) together with the Fuerza Publica, cracked the code and sprang into action, uprooting an undercover marijuana nursery in Pérez Zeledón. This was no hasty heist; the operation was a meticulous orchestration of weeks of unwavering investigation, a saga of persistence that saw the case ultimately nestled in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office.

A Forest of Illicit Foliage

In the shrouded secrecy of the nursery, 848 marijuana plants had been flourishing away from the prying eyes of justice. These weren’t just your regular backyard varieties. Oh no, they ranged from petite 30 cm sprouts to towering 1.8-meter giants, each basking in their illegal glory.

The Great Escape

As the drama unfolded, a mysterious figure emerged in the plot. A man, seemingly the guardian of the illicit greens, performed a grand vanishing act. He embraced the vegetation around with a desperate embrace and vanished, leaving the befuddled authorities grasping at the ethereal echoes of his presence.

A Hodgepodge of High Tech

Disguise was the name of the game, with tarps playing the lead role in this shadowy performance. Below this veil, a universe of sophistication revealed itself: an assembly of energy, lighting, and irrigation systems. All components meticulously orchestrated to bring life to this forbidden garden.

The Discovery Sequel

The thrill didn’t end there. A foray into a nearby…

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