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Benefits of CBD Pets

Do you know the health benefits of CBD oil for your pet ? It’s barely possible to browse the internet for more than five minutes without seeing something about CBD. The cannabis-based product is a huge seller, both online and in herbalist and health stores. Boosting both mental and physical health in a whole variety of ways. 

However, what is not so well-known. Is that it can be just as beneficial for dogs, cats and other household pets. It is worth remembering that CBD is derived from hemp, which contains less than 0.3 percent THC. In other words, it does not have the psychotropic effects of recreational cannabis products, and it will not get your pet high! Let’s find out how CBD can help your old dog start getting up to some new tricks. 

Relieving stress

Stress can be a debilitating condition for pets, and for dogs in particular. Separation anxiety and fear of loud noises like fireworks or thunder are just two examples. As well as being upsetting, the condition often results in a pet becoming destructive. Perhaps scratching at doors or chewing furniture. 

Studies have demonstrated that CBD reduces anxiety and improves mood. Exactly how it does so is unclear. But researchers believe it boosts serotonin levels, in much the same way as anti-depressant medication.

Reducing inflammation

As they get older, dogs are as prone to arthritis as humans. Especially larger breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. It is distressing for both the pet and owner when the condition affects mobility and makes an ordeal of those walks and games that used to be such fun.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties mean it is a powerful tool for easing the effects of arthritis. As well as other conditions that are brought about by chronic inflammation. 

Controlling vomiting

Dealing with occasional vomiting is part and parcel of living with a dog or cat. However, it can become more than occasional. If your pet has some underlying health condition or is undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy. 

There are antiemetic medicines available to control vomiting. But most of these have unpleasant side effects such as lethargy, reduced appetite and even seizures. CBD oil benefits for your pet have shown to be effective, without the side effects. 

Slowing tumor growth

CBD is not a miracle cancer cure. However, there is strong empirical evidence that it and other cannabinoids can slow the speed of growth, and sometimes even lead to tumors reducing in size. 

For owners who are reluctant to put their pets through the ordeal of chemotherapy, CBD is a compelling choice. It won’t make the cancer go away. But it could help the dog or cat to live a happy and rewarding life for longer.  

Promoting homeostasis

The body of any animal, whether it is a human, dog, cat or rabbit, is a complex network of biological systems. Homeostasis is all about ensuring those systems are working in harmony. As when the natural balance is thrown out of kilter, medical problems can result. 

CBD oil  helps with a variety of processes. It is therefore a good choice as a supplement to promote homeostasis and general well-being.


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