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Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass Strain got its name from the weight of the buds that grow on the branches. This Indica dominant strain was created by combining Afghani and Skunk #1. Densely clustered they weight down the plant giving it a heavy “Critical Mass” hence the name.

Because of its high bud yield and density, it is very important that the plant be kept free from mold. The Critical Mass Strain is an outstanding therapeutic strain because it can contain up to 5% CBD.

This strain provides both the relaxing effects of Indica and the calming mind-focus effects of Sativa varieties.

Flavor Aromas and Effects

The pungent scent of wood, pine and earthiness. Even after grinding, minimal pungency is released, but you will note a slight skunky, and lemon odor. Some users identify other aromas and fragrances such as sweet syrup, pine and earthiness.

Critical mass marijuana provides a sedative effect, in particular when smoked in a joint form.  Smoking this strain will give you a giant effect and will immediately shut you into a couchlock.

Critical mass marijuana can be highly sedative, so be prepared to be locked in motion. The effects are typically long lasting and depending on the dosage, will last from 2 to 2½ hours.

Medical Marijuana Usage

The THC levels of Critical Mass Strain varies between 19% and 22%, which is considered high. This gives it a great deal of helpful pain relief.

Because of its high CBD percentage this strain also helps people with migraines, muscle spasms and chronic pain. It is also possible that Critical Mass Strain can also help in a calming effect, and aid in anxiety and depression.

It can also help to decrease ADHD related mood and attention disorders. For people with eating disorders, this strain will increase your appetite. Critical Mass cannabis strain helps people with life-threatening health conditions maintain a healthy weight.

Similar to many Indica strain with a high CBD level, Critical Mass Strains helps those with insomnia and sleep deprivation.

Growing Critical Mass

Critical mass is appropriate for inexperienced and experienced growers. Considered a reasonably easy to grow from cannabis seeds and cuttings.

Critical Mass Cannabis strain favors indoor and outdoor growing. It can produce generous yields when the equilibrium between sun and moisture is equal. The plants will flower in about eight to nine weeks. Providing the medicinal and recreational user an abundance of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Which will help them with many of their ailments.

Growing to a height of 32 and 80 inches in height, outdoor cannabis growers need to take protective measures against mold that usually affects plants in humid environments.

Producing about 21 ounces of nice big buds per plant, this yield is on the large side relative to other strains. When grown indoors expect to increase your yield by another 5 ounces.

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