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Dad Grass Just Launched CBD Treats for Dogs

Photo courtesy of Dad Grass / Composite by VICE Staff

Not sure what went down in your friend group during COVID, but in these parts (aka people in their early 30s in LA), everyone went into quarantine for about a year and then reemerged as a proud dog parent. Unfortunately, because it was hard to thoroughly socialize all of these homebound puppies and rescue pets with all of that, well, pandemic happening, there is an overabundance of well-meaning but not-so-well-adjusted doggos out there. Think separation anxiety, poor sportsmanship at the dog park, and guarding behavior. 

Well, one of our fave CBD brands, Dad Grass, has been toking a joint outside of your puppy classes and watching the mayhem unfold, and they’ve now got a little something-something for man’s best friend: CBD Dog Bones

Dad Grass already makes some of our favorite smokable CBD joints and tinctures (as well as very cool merch), but this is the brand’s first foray into edibles. Each bone (think Milkbone-esque treats, not an actual goat femur or whatever) contains four milligrams of CBD, so they’re an easy-to-dose, natural, non-scary way of helping your dog manage stress and anxiety—whether that’s from car trips, fireworks, houseguests, or their annoying-ass owner (you). Because each individual bone is suitable for lightweights, they’ll work for dogs of all sizes. Dad Grass has a handy guide on its site to how to choose how many bones your dog should start with (think one…

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