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Most members of the Delaware House of Representatives Revenue and Finance Committee decided Tuesday to release a bill for a House vote that would set up the business and regulatory environment for legalized sale of personal-use quantities of marijuana for adults.

House Bill 2 was one of two bills discussed by the panel Tuesday.

Although it drew much supportive testimony, some concerns were raised. Delaware Deputy Director of Revenue Jamie Johnstone said the legislation does not fund tax administration directly out of the tax being collected, unlike with other taxes.

“It is unclear whether this legislation provides adequate time for the development of brand new systems for recording, collecting and auditing a retail sales tax,” Johnstone added. (Delaware does not have a retail sales tax. The bill would establish a 15% point-of-sale marijuana control enforcement fee.)

Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Division Director John Yeomans said he would like to see a “responsible server” training program, similar to one for establishments that serve alcohol.

House Bill 1, which would make it legal for adults to possess personal-use quantities of marijuana, is scheduled to be heard in a House committee Wednesday.


The majority of members on the same committee also Tuesday…

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