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The brelixi flavorless powders have been created by the US-based nano-cannabis brand as a series of options perfect for consumers to incorporate into their lifestyle for health and wellness purposes.

The products include the CBD nano-power that comes in 600mg jars with 30 servings in each for 20mg of CBD per dose as well as the THC nano-powder that has 5mg of THC per scoop with 20 servings in each 100mg jar. The products are great for consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to find the right flavor that works for them, which also increases overall versatility.

Founder and Chief Food Scientist Breanna Neff spoke on the brelixi flavorless powders saying, “I designed our flavourless and functional powders to fill a gap I had personally experienced in the market. There’s no other product that provides consumers speed, functionality and seamless integration into daily rituals. Whether mixed into your morning coffee to soothe caffeine jitters or infused into cookies for an elevated experience, our powders are designed for multifaceted consumption to ensure confidence and consistency in infused moments.”

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brelixi flavorless

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