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High on ganja, a 22-year-old individual takes a traffic policeman for a 12-kilometer trip

When a traffic policeman sought to pull over the 22-year-old man’s car for a regular checkup during a nakabandi (blockade) on a Saturday afternoon in Navi Mumbai, the high-on-ganja driver drove the officer for 10 to 12 km on the car’s hood.

Video captured by a nearby security camera system showed a traffic police personal clinging to the car’s hood as it sped away from him. On Uran road, additional traffic authorities ultimately pulled the sedan over.

The event took place at Blue Diamond Chowk in Navi Mumbai when traffic constable Siddheshwar Mali (37), who was on nakabandi duty at the time, was assigned to the Vashi traffic unit. He motioned for a passing car to pull over for inspection. Aditya Dhondiram Bembade (22), the driver, rushed away from the scene.

Mali rode his bike after the car, hoping to stop it near Masaal Market on Palm Beach Road in Vashi in case it was hiding anything sinister. Mali jumped on the hood of the automobile when Bembade refused to stop and attempted to slam the vehicle into him.

Other Traffic Police personals who were on the scene at the time called in the incident and followed the vehicle. Near the same time, a second group used trailers to block the route near Gavhan phata, Uran road, thereby bringing the vehicle to a halt.

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