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How Vertical Farming Helps With Cannabis Growth

Increases in yield of over 100 percent are possible with vertical grow systems. It consists of a series of square or hexagonal shelves piled on one another and illuminated from the inside. Because of the need for a reasonably cold central lighting system to preserve the plants, LED lighting has become more popular in the cannabis cultivation industry.

Vertical growth can lead to larger and higher-quality harvests. Growers may use these systems in various ways, including stacking them on shelves or arranging them on trellises and strings. Let us educate you on how vertical farming helps with cannabis growth and what method may work best for you.

Stacked Farming

Shelves can be either hexagonal or square, and the stacked vertical cannabis cultivation technique includes packing many layers of shelves around a single light source. With this design, growers may use any area between the floor and the ceiling, which is not feasible with standard horizontal grow systems.

Using a vertical rack system, commercial growers can speed up the delivery of fertilizers and water. With a stacked vertical technique, the grower must ensure that the plants stay compact and heavily laden with flowers. Most growers utilize hydroponics or soil-based vertical grow systems.

True Vertical Farming

The true vertical cannabis grow technique, on the other hand, is an improvement upon the stacked vertical option. Stacked vertical cultivating cannabis is just a combination of two or three separate horizontal farms.

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True vertical cannabis cultivation involves growing plants up the side of a column and watering and feeding them using a drip system. This technique helps farmers optimize space and boost yields. Combining the nutrient film technique (NFT) with aeroponics is a common approach to maintaining a vertical growth system.

Vertical Farming Benefits

Vertical farming is highly effective at maximizing returns while minimizing your carbon footprint. Increasing productivity while decreasing the environmental impact is a key benefit of vertical expansion. The vertical grow approach reduces energy use by more than half through the use of cutting-edge Scynce LED lighting.

The shorter the time spent in the vegetative state, the more harvests you may get from a vertical marijuana system. Farmers typically accept a reduced per-plant yield in exchange for an extra crop cycle by shortening the overall time of the growing cycle.

Because there are so many available options for pre-built vertical marijuana systems, installation is a breeze. Since growing cannabis vertically significantly increases production, growers should be aware of any legal restrictions in their state.

Where To Begin?

When growing cannabis, LED lights are an absolute must for vertical farming. LED lighting is more costly but reduces the danger of burns because it runs cooler than high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting.

Furthermore, LED lights have a greater level of light spectrum possibilities and smaller physical dimensions. Quality LED lights let you adjust the spectrum of light to meet the demands of your plants at every stage of development.

Understanding how vertical farming helps with cannabis growth highlights the potential it must make your cannabis supply plentiful. If it sounds like something that could elevate your crop, it’s worth exploring. The odds are you’ll be happy with the results.


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