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Some bears still awake in Garfield County

Bears are still out and about, looking for their last snack before their long nap. Be sure to not give them a reason to stay awake or a place to shack up for the season.

One early morning Nov. 29, Oasis Creek resident Michael McCallum heard a thud outside. He discovered a bear had just pulled his grill out onto his back porch.

“It was a bear raid,” McCallum said. “He came in and destroyed my grill. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this late in the year. I’m amazed that they’re still out and about.”

“Occasionally, you’re going to have the late stragglers,” Colorado Park and Wildlife Public Information Officer Rachel Gonzales said. “We get bears that linger out of the den in December in that area, but it is not normal. This year they are seeing more bears out later due to poor natural food conditions earlier this year, and in poor body condition and still trying to pack on calories from the fall.”

She said that the snowfall this weekend will hopefully remind them it’s time to hibernate, but residents should be following the same precautions as normal to avoid delaying that move.

“Why it’s important to ensure your home doesn’t have food attractants keeping them from doing what’s natural and going into hibernation,” Gonzales said.

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