Items signed by Washington, Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, many others are in University Archives' online auction, Nov. 11thPosted by On

Black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe signed and inscribed “to Joe” (possibly Joe DiMaggio), unusually large at 11 inches by 14 inches (est. $20,000-$25,000).

One-page letter signed by George Washington just a few months prior to his retirement from his second presidential term, on Oct. 12, 1796 (est. $13,000-$14,000).

Sizable (over 8” x 10”) fragment of an American flag that decorated Lincoln’s funeral train as it traveled between Indiana and Springfield, Illinois (est. $2,400-$2,600).

Book on contemporary French politics from Napoleon Bonaparte’s St. Helena library, stamped and inscribed by his librarian on the title page (est. $3,000-$4,000).

Paper signed by the Swedish diplomat and humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, dated Sept. 26, 1944, documenting his efforts to help Ungar Imrene Urno survive the Holocaust (est. $9,000-$10,000).

The full catalog, showing…

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