'Joe Exotic – Tiger King' Producer Says America’s Next President Needs To 'Pardon Joe And Legalize Cannabis'Posted by On

In a COVID-19 world, where uncertainty reigns, one thing is sure: the amount of audio-visual content humanity is devouring has gone way up. Way up. JT Barnett acknowledges this.

Tiger King was a hit, but I don’t think it would’ve had this much success if everybody wasn’t stuck at home and looking for stuff to consume,” says JT, producer of the original Joe Exotic – Tiger King, and Joe’s dear friend.

Indeed, hardly anyone missed the Netflix hit documentary that came out on March 20 – especially weed enthusiasts. If there had ever been a show to watch while smoking tons-on-tons of cannabis, that is Tiger King. So much so, that there are even Tiger King weed strains in the market right now.

And those are precisely the two things he’s here to talk about today: marijuana, and The Tiger King.

How The Tiger King Reality Show Came To Be – And Not To Be

“You can’t make this stuff up,” JT states…

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