Kansas Medical Marijuana Activists Step Up Push For Lawmakers To Finally Legalize Patient AccessPosted by On

“I’m here in open-mouth amazement that we are still discussing passing a medical marijuana bill… The same rhetoric from opponents and legislators. We’re just like this little island.”

By Tim Carpenter, Kansas Reflector

Delaney Jones’s grandmother, a survivor of European concentration camps during the Holocaust of World War II, suffered from a type of cancer that was often detected late, spread rapidly and had a poor prognosis.

“She got really, really sick with pancreatic cancer late in life,” Jones said. “She said nothing she went through in the camps hurt like this.”

She endured chemotherapy treatment for cancer and striking side effects of prescription pain medications, but relief from agony appeared to be beyond her grasp. The family’s matriarch eventually found comfort in cannabis oil, which contained THC not legal in Kansas but offered in other states in conjunction with palliative medical care or simply for recreational use.

“It helped her get rid of the pain and the nausea, even the fatigue at times. It did not have the side effects of opiate painkillers. We were super, super grateful to see really the magical work that marijuana did in her end-of-life care,” Jones said.

Jones, a graduate student at Wichita State University, was part of a roundtable discussion Tuesday about the campaign to convince the 2024 Kansas Legislature to approve a bill legalizing medical marijuana. Thirty-eight states, the District of Columbia and three U.S….

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