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The study, detailed in the Journal of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders, titled “Efficacy and usability of a cannabidiol-infused tampon for the relief of primary dysmenorrhea,” conducted by researchers from Anne’s Day Ltd in the United Kingdom and the Institute for Medical Research in Bulgaria, explores the potential of CBD tampons as a method for managing menstrual pain.

According to the study, CBD-infused tampons demonstrated “statistically significant pain reduction” and were associated with fewer side-effects compared to traditional anti-inflammatories, while providing a similar pain-relieving effect. 


  • The research, set to be published in the March 2024 issue of the journal, involved 114 participants aged 18-45, who were either given CBD-infused tampons or regular tampons. 
  • The study spanned three months, during which participants were interviewed about various pain-related parameters, including vaginal irritation, sensitisation, systemic toxicity, material-mediated pyrogenicity, and potential toxic shock syndrome risk.


  • Results indicated that 37%-40% of participants experienced improvements in vaginal dryness, while an equal percentage reported enhancements in mood or overall well-being. 
  • Over 80% of participants described the CBD-infused tampons as “satisfactory or enjoyable”. 

However, the researchers acknowledged the study’s small sample size and suggested improvements for future research, such as recording pain data both before and…

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