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Multiple TikTokers and Redditors have posted about their experiences being approached by a “cult” attempting to recruit them in Melbourne’s CBD. So what is this so-called cult and is this a brand new phenomenon? Let’s investigate.

The latest batch of documented recruitment attempts began with a Reddit post titled “Church/cult recruiters in Melbourne Central. DO NOT ENGAGE.” The post was published around May.

In it, the author details interactions they had with members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. The church is the Australian branch of a religious organisation based in South Korea.

It’s an edge-of-your-seat piece of writing tied together by a very satisfying finale. Have a read.

Church/cult recruiters in Melbourne Central. DO NOT ENGAGE. from melbourne

Fast-forward to the present day and multiple TikTokers have posted about their own, near-identical interactions with these supposed cult members in Melbourne.

A few of the TikToks have even used the original Reddit post as the video’s green screen. Here’s a selection that were published this past week.


@dimsims222 I couldn’t stitch bUT THIS HAPPENED TO ME IN 2018. THEY’VE BEEN AT IT FOR 4 YEARS. If you happen to get into a convo with them just say you’re running late and BOLT #melbournecult #melbournechurch #cultchurch #churchcult #melbournecentral #melbournecentralstation #melbournecbd #cult #victoria #victoriancult #shincheonji #reddit #melbournefyp

Original Author Link click here to read complete story..


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