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After one big election night, Oklahomans now look forward to a major choice they’ll make in March on whether to legalize recreational marijuana.It’s an issue five states faced Tuesday, with three – Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota – voting it down. Missouri and Maryland voted to legalize it.| MORE | Oklahomans have chance to legalize recreational marijuana in 2023″This was a pretty big victory for opponents of legal marijuana,” said Kevin Sabet, CEO and president of the group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. The group fights marijuana legalization initiatives across the country. They note the three states that rejected legalization Tuesday are similar to Oklahoma in that they’re typically conservative states.”I think the fact you have more deeply conservative states voting against it really does send a message that there is a limit to the marijuana movement,” Sabet said. But the Yes on 820 campaign argues the results won’t have an impact because it’s more than a “red or blue” issue.”Oklahoma has always been a unique state. We’ve always followed our own path and done our own thing,” said Michelle Tilley, with Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws. “We have felt all along that this is not a partisan issue. This isn’t even an ideological issue. It is about what is right for our state.”| MORE | Voters approve recreational marijuana in Maryland, MissouriSmart Approaches to Marijuana officials said states shouldn’t allow what they call “Big Marijuana” to win….

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