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If you want to know whether or not you can trust a company’s products, try to determine if the people who run that company put their money where their mouths are. Or, in this case, put their own products into their own mouths. Does the CEO of Peels do that? Why yes, yes, he does. In fact, he depends on the products Peels produces each and every day, as do so many people these days. Those products are a line of CBD gummies, oils, and shots, and to be candid, a lot of companies are offering things like that already.

Peels is making a line of products that are both identical to other CBD lines in one way of looking at it, but completely different in another way. This may sound confusing, but we’ll get there. First off, we asked the man behind the brand why he started Peels in the first place.

Peels Citrus Derived CBD Oil

Chris Hetherington, the founder of Peels, downplayed things a bit when he replied: “I come from an athletic background. I played tackle football for many years, for 26 years, including professionally in the NFL for 11 years,” and then he moved right on, not mentioning his time as the starting quarterback at Yale, his successes with multiple NFL teams, or the fact that he was a multi-sport athlete at different times in his life. So, instead, take it from us: this guy has lived a very physical life. But he has also had a career working with a…

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