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Although recreational marijuana is legal in Ohio, people cannot have or use marijuana on Ohio State University’s campus and a few other campuses across the state.

Douglas Berman, a professor of Law at OSU, said federal law impacts the university’s policies because OSU receives federal funding.

We are bound by federal law that says we have to follow federal rules and not allow drugs on campus when they are federally prohibited drugs, even if the state has decided to make it legal,” Berman said.

The policy applies to all OSU properties, from dorms to Wexner Medical Center facilities.

“I think it’s critically important for everybody on campus to know, and of course, it’s not just the students, it’s also the faculty, it’s also the staff,” Berman said.

According to Berman, OSU is not allowed to research marijuana, either.

If students live in off-campus houses or apartments, marijuana use and possession policies are in the landlords’ hands under Issue 2.

“I think we’re going to see over time different landlords take different approaches maybe based in some extent to what the renters want,” said Berman. “Maybe they can charge a premium. Oh, I’ll let you smoke cannabis here, but I’m doubling the security deposit.”

Berman said it’s crucial to educate people on marijuana and its effects before they’re 21 or in college.

“It’s been prohibited so long,” he said. “We have a very steep learning curve. We really need to understand more about different…

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