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Shocked witnesses have described hearing a “bang” as a mobility scooter and motorcycle collided in central Rotorua.

A spokesman said police were called to a two-vehicle crash about 10.20am.

The crash closed the road near the Tutanekai St and Amohau St intersection but it has now reopened.

Hiria Pohutuhutu was working at Colombus Coffee across the road when she heard a “bang”.

She “looked straight up” and saw that an elderly man on a mobility scooter was involved.

Pohutuhutu said she immediately called the ambulance, and ran outside and saw the motorcycle nearby.

She said the elderly man was lying on his side.

A passerby began administering urgent first aid.

The crash is near the Tutanekai St and Amohau St intersection in central Rotorua.
The crash is near the Tutanekai St and Amohau St intersection in central Rotorua.

Emergency services then arrived on the scene and took over.

She said the incident was “traumatising” and everyone was concerned about those involved.

“I did a little prayer for him.”

Another witness to the incident, who asked not to be named, said he was facing a window when the crash happened.

The man said a small motorcycle came through the intersection.

”I didn’t even hear the bike until I heard a bang.”

He saw other people by the intersection “freaked out” and heard screaming.

”I rushed out and called an ambulance.

“When I got outside the first responders had started showing up.” .

St John responded with one ambulance and one rapid response unit, but…

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