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Sativa vs Indica what are the differences ? Cannabis strains include dozens of species hybrids, Sativa and Indica. Which makes using the right strains seriously confusing. As a new cannabis smoker there is only only one thing you should know. Whether you’re an Indica or a Sativa type of smoker.

Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of marijuana plants. There are diverse effects for every strain.On the body and mind that lead to a broad range of medical advantages. Indica strains usually give a feeling of profound rest. Sativa strains provide a more stimulating and euphoric effect. It is necessary for each patient to understand the distinction between them to find the correct strain.

Sativa Strains

The sativa strain is better suited for use during the day. Since the strains of Indica do not have immediate sleepy properties. Sativa strains decrease sleep, appetite, anxiety, learning and overall emotions. The neurotransmitters in our brain are responsible for all of the above emotions. Sativa strains have a greater THC but less so in CBD, so while the physical impacts are not as distinct. It will have some more powerful and completely pleasant mental impacts.

Sativas are more cerebral, energetic, leading to a higher level of creativity and a more psychedelic high. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to smoke the rest of the day without feeling like a zombie. It’s also an excellent strain for reading, writing, and creating art.  [ Read how Sativa Indica Strains vary in CBD ]

The sativa benefits are said to assist not just pain, but also anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are responsible for these medical effects.

Indica Strains

Known for their relaxing physical properties, Indica strains have become the darlings of the medical marijuana community. Strains from Indica are used to treat diseases from insomnia to arthritic pain. Indica are known to make individuals sleepy increase their appetite, particularly several hours after use.

Indica tends to benefit patients with illnesses like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, chronic pain, Crohn disease and sleep disorders. It can also be used to relieve anxiety while Sativas tend to aggravate anxiety or cause paranoia.

Many individuals use Indica strains at night or when winding down their day. This assists them to relieve pain or stress, and make it easy to sleep. The higher the THC, the larger the appetite stimulation effect the hungrier you will be. Indica may assist anxiety because it makes patients calmer and makes them release worrying thoughts and feelings.

What time of day do you want to use?

The time of day when you will want to use them is the simplest difference between Indica and Sativa.

A daytime, Sativa-heavy strain may increase your creativity, and can lessen the impacts of depression and ADD for some. The best way to treat physical pain, inflammation, or helping you drift away into sleep. Is by using a Indica strain.


  • Great for daytime use
  • Will stimulate brain activity, thinking clearly, and inventiveness
  • Used for ADD depression or stress


  • Great for nighttime use
  • Will stimulate with a relaxing body high and relax your muscles
  • Used to treat pain, inflammation and insomnia


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