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Everyone has heard about Cannabidiol, or CBD, at this point. It’s rapidly gained popularity for several ailments — including insomnia. CBD isn’t a cure-all solution like it’s sometimes referred to, but it does have several benefits that can’t be ignored. Research has found evidence that CBD can help ease pain and relieve anxiety symptoms

If you’ve been struggling with sleeping at night and are looking for a natural sleep aid, consider adding CBD to your nightly routine. But before you do, let’s go through what you need to know to start.

Also, find out how to recognize if you’re not getting restful sleep and how to nap like a champ

Can CBD help you sleep?

The research on CBD’s effectiveness in treating ailments is still developing. This means that the research supporting CBD for anxiety or sleep is limited. However, early studies suggest high CBD doses can help someone sleep better. Outside of what’s been researched, many people say CBD can help ease anxiety symptoms, relieve muscle pain and treat insomnia

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So far, there is only one CBD product that is

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