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Many reputed brands sell hemp-based products online at competitive prices. One of those brands is ThoughtCloud. Leo Pena, a US Navy Veteran of the Hospital Corps and UC Davis Alumni started this company in 2017 in Portland, Oregon. The goal of ThoughtCloud was to formulate plant-based,quality, and organically grown plant based products accessible to the public at an affordable cost. Fortunately, ThoughtCloud developed into a top-tier innovator in the CBD industry in just a few short years. This company was the first to launch its innovative products such as full-spectrum CBG, CBN, CBC, CBD Soap Bars, Bath Bombs, and ozonated serum and had the first CBD commercial on nationwide cable television in the history of the world, which helped over a million viewers receive these life changing products. 

Besides providing an incredibly varied high quality selection of products, the company runs the ThoughtCloud Foundation. Their community offers free products to people suffering from severely debilitating issues when they do not have the funds to purchase due to low income. 

ThoughtCloud: A brief overview

Thoughtcloud CBD has an impressive product line. They provide CBD oils in various potencies, spectra, and formulations for different applications. Additionally, ThoughtCloud offfers products that help regulate systems of the body such as such as pain perception, inflammation, mood, sleep, and immune system response. They even offer a product that is formulated for pets so that…

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