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What is CBN Benefits

What is CBN and its potential benefits? CBN, like THC and CBD, has some important medicinal properties that might make it the next big thing in cannabis. It has a close similarity to CBD, when THC is exposed to oxygen, cannabinol is produced.

THC is broken down by heat and light in the manufacturing process, leaving CBN behind. There are currently no cannabis strains which contain significant amounts of CBN.

What is Cannabinol?

Cannabinol is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid present in only small quantities in marijuana, and it is often found in mature well aged cannabis.

CBN is generated by internal plant processes. There is no way to make a high-CBN cannabis strain, and the quantity depends on a variety of factors.

THC levels in the flowers, as well as their sensitivity to elements like light, heat, and time, are all the factors in play. CBN, unlike THC, is commonly acknowledged to be non-psychoactive.

How is CBN beneficial

Although there was some ongoing research into CBN. It hasn’t received the same level of interest as THC and CBD over the last 10 years. As researchers continue to explore cannabis for all possible CBN benefits, the need for more research will undoubtedly expose more information.

CBN acts on the body’s CB1 receptors in the same way as THC does, but in a fairly mild way. In turn this gives the compound similar medical effects to THC. It also has a long list of possible medical applications.

Anxiety and Sleep

Strong sedative properties of CBN seem to be one place where it really dominates. This is particularly true when combined with THC.

Since CBN is non-intoxicating, you will get the same amount of sleep as you would if you used THC…without getting stoned. CBN levels are higher in Indica strains, which may explain the calming, couch-lock effect that Indica is known for.

If you’re having trouble locating a CBN-rich Indica strain. Store some cannabis in a non-airtight container and leave it for a few weeks or months.

Pain Relief

According to studies, CBN provides analgesic (pain-relieving) properties in the body. CBN tends to affect the behavior of capsaicin-sensitive neurons. These capsaicin-sensitive nerves are crucial for pain control and sensation in the body.

Rather than using CB1 or CB2 receptors to relieve pain, CBN releases peptides from sensory nerves. Triggering a different nerve mechanism to produce the same results.

Cannabinol helps control the immune system and alleviate pain and inflammation caused by a variety of conditions, such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Anti Inflammatory

While CBN is not as generally used for anti-inflammatory purposes as CBD or THC.  It may have similar properties that makes it just as effective.

Skin Care

CBN has a remarkable ability to slow down skin cell overproduction. Psoriasis patients will benefit from this, as the disease allows skin cells to recover three to four times faster.

According to research, topical application of CBN helped cure psoriasis, leading researchers to believe that the cannabinoid could be useful in treating burns and MRSA (staph infection).


CBD and CBN both have the ability to be used in alternative medicine. Although there are several parallels between the two cannabinoids, they are distinct substances with distinct effects.

With the growing body of knowledge about cannabis and the medicinal compounds it contains. It is possible that in the coming years CBN will get the research and produce the results we are all looking for.


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