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There is a medical marijuana program in over three-quarters of American states. You’ll generally find many similarities in the application process across the board. However, it’s essential to note that there are also several important differences.

For example, certain states still forbid completing an online MMJ evaluation. As such, you must book an appointment with a clinic and hope the physician agrees that medical marijuana will help your condition.

It’s also true that doctors in some states are more lenient than others. Knowing what to do during a medical marijuana evaluation will greatly help your cause. Keep reading to learn all about the process, including tips to help increase the chances of you getting the doctor’s written recommendation.

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What Does an MMJ Evaluation Involve?

The purpose of a medical marijuana evaluation is to see if a patient has a legitimate case for using the substance. The process involves scheduling a consultation with a physician licensed within the state where you apply for the MMJ card.

In general, the process lasts around 15 minutes. While you have the chance to book a face-to-face appointment, some states allow the use of telemedicine for medical marijuana evaluations. Thus, you can use a service like MMJ Card Online to book an online consultation. Doing so allows you to discuss your potential use of medical marijuana with a trained medical professional without leaving your house.

During the appointment, the…

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