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Arkansas is expected to hit a record $275 million dollars in medical marijuana sales, which is $10 million more than last year.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Around the holidays, the medical marijuana industry typically sees an increase in sales.

2022 will be the largest year of marijuana purchases ever in Arkansas.

Last year, the state saw record numbers for medical marijuana as sales increased especially after pandemic checks were issued.

“As the stimulus funding would hit the state you’d see sales spike,” said Scott Hardin, a spokesperson for the Medical Marijuana Commission. 

After a slow start to 2022, there were $24 million dollars of purchases made in the month of March, which set the tone for a steady year of record sales.

Overall this year, Arkansas is expected to hit a record $275 million dollars in sales— which would be $10 million more than last year.

Arkansans spent between $20 to 24 million dollars on marijuana each month, and the state saw $30 million of that in taxes.

While the medical marijuana program was passed in 2016 by voters, the first dispensary didn’t open until 2019. The program has yet to be completed due to two…

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