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Baldyga: I’m suggesting that’s a dialogue we should have. We’ve been having it off and on for 10 years. When I authored the tourism 2020 plan it was one of the key suggestions. We haven’t done it, we didn’t really have the political wherewithal to do it, but frankly I think it’s the right thing to do. 

Baldyga says he’s not against an adult entertainment zone, but not in Tumon. He argues Guam has built its reputation as a wholesome, family-friendly vacation destination. Parkinson pushed back on that too…

“I reject the framing that cannabis is not family-friendly,” Baldyga said. “I mean we have to think about what cannabis is. Cannabis is being legalized all over the country. South Korea’s feelings on marijuana are changing so is Japan’s. and we’ve had organizations like JMMA looking to Guam to fulfill their need for medical tourism.”

The Cannabis Control Board is seeking input on proposed rules and regulations. Again, there’s no current proposal to allow for public consumption, but Baldyga says he wanted to be proactive in expressing the tourism industry’s position that it would oppose pot sales and use in hotel zones.

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