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The Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (CFM in the Portuguese acronym) is once again stepping over the profession’s ethics code and ignoring the latest advancements in medical science to impose an ideological ban to restrict the prescription of CBD for adult patients. The recent decision, unfortunately, comes as no surprise as the CFM had already stained its reputation during the coronavirus crisis by being sued for collective damages by the Brazilian Public Defender’s Office for allowing physicians to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for “early treatment” of COVID-19, an unfounded treatment that was publicly supported by Bolsonaro and his then-presidential friend Donald Trump.

The cannabis decision was published in the Brazilian Federal Register on October 11, to be implemented immediately and only to be revised within three years. It rules that the “prescription of cannabidiol (CBD) is authorised as medical therapy” only “for the treatment of epilepsy in childhood and adolescence refractory to conventional therapies in Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex”. Its prescription for any other conditions has therefore been banned. Doctors are further prohibited from delivering lectures and courses on the use of cannabidiol and/or products derived from Cannabis outside of a scientific environment.

CFM’s decision comes in the context of simultaneously growing demand for CBD products, and right-wing propaganda against the legitimate…

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