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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Gov. Mike DeWine wants gummies, candies, vape cartridges and other low-level THC products that he says are marketed to children off the shelves of Ohio’s gas stations and corner stores and into regulated marijuana dispensaries.

We’re talking about the hemp loophole that allows kids to buy THC that looks like candy on Today in Ohio.

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Here’s what else we’re asking about today:

This flies in the face of what we all thought the law was, but for years plenty of Ohio vendors have been selling products laced with THC, the inebriating ingredient of marijuana. How is that possible, and what do state leaders think about it?

Was he delusional? Did he ever have a chance? He gained a lot of attention for being outrageous, but will that turn into anything down the road? What is next for Ohioan and failed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy?

Frank LaRose must be missing all the attention he got for leading the anti-democratic and hugely unpopular move to spike our ability to alter the Ohio constitution. What’s his new attention-grabbing antic?

There’s never been…

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