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The Cape Town City Bowl and CBD seems to be on the up again post the Covid lull. The CBD is bustling with property development activity, and that’s the topic of this latest episode of The Property Pod.

A clear sign of an area booming on the property and development front is when you see lots of cranes in the sky. Cape Town’s CBD has some 20 cranes currently around. 

On this podcast, we speak to Rob Kane, chairperson of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District or CCID, a property sector-driven public-private partnership that’s doing great work to keep the CBD cleaner and safer, as well as attracting major investment into the city centre. It is arguably South Africa’s most successful city improvement district. 

Besides being chair of the Cape Town CCID, Kane is also CEO of unlisted Boxwood Property Fund, which is based in the Mother City and is an investor in the CBD itself.

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Boxwood Property Fund CEO Rob Kane chairs the Cape Town Central City Improvement District. Image: Supplied


“There are roughly 20 tower cranes in the city centre and, to be honest, I’d challenge anybody to find 20 tower cranes in one grouping anywhere else in the country. So I think you’re right. The city is doing well, and I think it’s a result of an awful lot of hard work by the city, and then also organisations like the City Improvement District, the CID. We [the CCID] collect additional levies from all the…

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