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People are looking for natural alternatives for nearly everything they have been using. Families are working hard to eliminate harmful chemicals from their lives and replace them with environmentally friendly and health-promoting products. It’s a commendable effort that benefits the environment, and in many cases, effective natural alternatives are available.

When it comes to natural alternatives, the lines can blur. While CBD has been clinically proven and accepted as a medication for some conditions, it has yet to be thoroughly evaluated for its use in the treatment of muscle spasms. That doesn’t mean CBD can’t play a role in a person’s wellness routine if they have muscle spasms.

Muscle spasms can result from a variety of factors. Serious muscle spasms are uncommon. Muscle spasms are usually only temporary or are caused by a simple problem. Muscle spasms are a sign of nutrient deficiencies, the most common of which is magnesium deficiency. Calcium deficiency may have similar consequences.

Muscle spasms caused by a lack of magnesium and calcium usually resolve in a short period of time if you increase your magnesium and calcium intake. Muscle spasms can be caused by dehydration, exercise-induced muscle exhaustion, or an injury caused by overuse. Athletes are more prone to muscle spasms as their exercise intensity increases. Muscle spasms can occur in people who are new…

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