Drug Use In EU 2020 – Over 27% Of Europeans Have Tried Cannabis At Least OncePosted by On

Cannabis is by far the most popular drug of choice in
Europe according to data presented by CBD-ECKE.de.
In a recent report, Over 27.2% of Europeans surveyed claimed
to have tried at cannabis at one point in their lives with
7.6% saying they tried it in the last year.

More Popular Than Cocaine, MDMA and

Among EU citizens surveyed between the
age of 15-64, 27.2% said they have tried Cannabis at least
once in their lifetime compared to only 5.4% of respondents
who said they have tried Cocaine at least once. The two
other popular drugs of choice are MDMA and Amphetamines
which 4.1% and 3.7% said they have tried at least once

Expectedly, Cannabis was also the most
popular drug among citizens surveyed in terms of usage in
the last year with 7.6% of respondents saying they have
consumed cannabis in the last year compared to 1.3% for
Cocaine, 0.8%…

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