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EDITORIAL: You would be forgiven for feeling that excitement is slowly draining out of the 2020 election, but at least one part will be a nail-biter until the very end. That is the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis.

The polls are gradually moving in favour of the “yes” vote but it will be a close-run thing. A Horizon Research poll found that 52 per cent of respondents supported the Cannabis Control and Legalisation Bill, with 47 per cent against. A little over a month ago, “yes” and “no” were neck and neck at 49.5 per cent.

The cannabis vote will be a nail-biter.

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The cannabis vote will be a nail-biter.

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The pro-cannabis side can’t claim victory yet. Turnout, especially among younger voters, will be crucial.

Did some heavyweight endorsements help to shift the deadlock? The heaviest of all is former prime minister Helen Clark​, who is now chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Clark has been making clear, sensible statements on cannabis in debates and interviews as the…

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