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Although people have been cultivating hemp for centuries, there are countless chemicals in this plant that scientists have yet to uncover. Case and point: It wasn’t until 2019 that researchers knew about the cannabinoid CBDP. Technically called “cannabidiphorol,” CBDP was discovered accidentally in an Italian laboratory. Even more interesting, scientists also found the new cannabinoid THCP in this same trial.

Obviously, since we’ve only known of CBDP’s existence for a few years, it’s impossible to say how it affects patients. Heck, scientists are still figuring out how better-known cannabinoids like CBD affect the endocannabinoid system. However, preliminary findings suggest that CBDP may have a bright future in the global hemp market.

What Separates CBDP From CBD?

The chemical structure of CBDP and CBD is nearly identical. In fact, if Italian researchers didn’t examine the side-chain of these cannabinoids, they may not have noticed any difference between them. Unlike CBD, CBDP has an extra two carbon atoms on its alkyl side-chain. In other words, CBDP has seven carbon atoms, while CBD has five.

Why is this significant? To be frank, we’re not sure how a longer alkyl side-chain will alter CBDP’s effectiveness. However, researchers strongly believe these extra atoms make THCP about 30 times stronger than standard delta-9 THC. Therefore, many in the hemp community…

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