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People seek out different therapies to help them navigate and enjoy their lives the best way they know how. Some people simply want to feel “normal” again, similar to how most of us feel when we want our morning caffeine buzz, nicotine relief or psychotropic medications for anxiety or depression.

But I believe something is more beneficial, without the side effects of mainstream medications and treatments that can assist in improving an individual’s quality of life. I found that “something” to be cannabinoid therapy.

As an aspiring prescriber, I aim to actively discuss and educate people on their personal choice of cannabinoid use, without backlash from employers, the government or community. In addition, as a health care professional, I wish that more people in leadership roles would look beyond the stigma and fear.

Due to the loopholes that many discovered in the 2018 Farm Bill, imitative “lab produced” and manufactured byproducts of hemp started to be sold without approval from the Food and Drug Administration in Wisconsin. These products are very concerning, and legalization is necessary for regulation.

Jesse Christianson, Madison 

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