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Marijuana, New York’s hottest seller, is moving from mellow to amorous on its path to becoming a go-to love drug.

Cannabis products are being infused with aphrodisiacs that could be a boon in bed — and even on the competitive sports field, New York state regulators analyzing the legal market and product development say.

“There’s a huge evolution in the cannabis market. It’s giving consumers better choices about the experiences they want,” said John Kagia, policy director for the state Office of Cannabis Management, told The Post.

“Cannabis infused with aphrodisiacs is one of the categories where there is huge innovation. People want to improve their sexual experience “

The Union Square Travel Agency in the East Village is selling 20 dark chocolate “Love Beans for Arousal” made with cannabis and five “exotic herbs renowned for their love-enhancing properties” to “increase sensuality.”

There's a rising performance enhancing drug for the bedroom and the ball field -- marijuana.
The love drugs kicks in within 20 minutes.
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The company 1906 makes the love bean.

“Fast-acting onset within 20 minutes,” the Union Square Travel Agency website boasts.

The cost: $35

Aside from cannabis and chocolate and vanilla extract and coffee beans, ingredients include muira puama extract, catuaba extract, theobromine, damiana extract, sunflower oil, and ashwagandha organic extract.

The company claims its “Love” cannabis beans, pills and gems are made with the “first aphrodisiac…

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