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Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis, is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular as marijuana consumption and legalization increases. Small steady streams in microdosing is a good way of making sure your marijuana strain does not overwhelm you.

Microdosing users consume tiny quantities of cannabis to take advantage of the THC/CBD effects as medication. All the while avoiding or lessening the psychoactive “high” effects allowing them to remain efficient throughout the day.

The attraction to Microdosing cannabis is that the user can have many of the useful benefits of cannabis. Without excessive THC effects, by taking in amounts below the optimal dose. The lack of an intense high allows you to appreciate the relaxing effects. Decreased psychoactive cannabis dosages help users remain calm and focused with decreased stress.

Ideal Dosage

Ideal dosages for cannabis Microdosing cannabis depend on the variation between the quantity of THC that causes you to feel high. Every Individual cannabis user is affected differently which depends on the persons metabolism. The user’s cannabinoid receptors, genetics, and prior cannabis use can influence each individual’s ideal dosage.

By consuming too much cannabis, your body may stop feeling the medicinal effects of the medicine. We may raise dosages progressively until we have the ideal dose for ourselves.

Start Your Experiment

Abstain from cannabis for 24 to 48 hours in order to reset your system. Start Microdosing Cannabis by using a tincture, an oil capsule, and/or an edible between 1 and 2.5 milligrams of THC and CBD. Start your experiment when you have a day off or the weekend. You can start anytime, whether it’s first thing in the morning or midday, it doesn’t matter.

You can see what differences occur after taking an original tiny quantity. Are you more comfortable? Do you have any symptom relief? Because every individual reacts differently to cannabis, tiny doses gradually enable our bodies to heal progressively.

Before repeating the dose, wait a few hours. Typically, you want to take your dose every few hours throughout the day. Taking your last dose before you go to bed at night. Follow this schedule for a couple of days, with the same dosage amount, even if you do not feel any psychoactive effects. Often after a few days, the very same dosage amount can start producing higher effects. Always be careful how you feel and decrease your dosage if you start to feel any sort of high.

After several days you should attempt to take a bit more if you feel comfortable with (no psychoactive effects). Work your way up gradually several days or weeks until you experience a high. Once you experience the psychoactive effects “high” from the amount of dose you consumed, your tolerance level will be identified. You can then decrease your dose slightly to where you are at balance.

No Cannabis Use

In the world of cannabis consumption, Microdosing cannabis is still a relatively new phenomenon, but it has mass appeals and it can work properly for many people who normally wouldn’t consider cannabis use.

It can be hard to significantly reduce cannabis as its more commonly accessible.  But you may want to consider twice before taking that additional marijuana (THC) hit. For those wanting to stay sharp, and relaxed Microdosing is the new way to go.


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