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“There is now a growing number of incontrovertible evidence that marijuana does provide medical relief to certain types of medical conditions”

Last week, Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize the cultivation and possession of marijuana.

I would have thought that we will be the first but Thailand went ahead and did it.

But before marijuana recreational users there start celebrating, they must be cautious because the Thai parliament will still have to pass a law detailing the exact parameters of marijuana use.

There is however, a reason for some celebration. For one, those thousands languishing in jail for marijuana possession can now look forward to being released.

One of the main intentions of the Thai government is to use marijuana for medicinal purposes but, with that, recreational use will not be far behind.

Many issues will almost certainly have to be ironed out and a lot of countries in the region will be watching for developments.

Thailand, for instance, did not go as far as allowing recreational use openly.

This issue about allowing the use of marijuana on medical grounds was debated here but got nowhere.

Some sectors were strongly opposed to the idea of legalizing marijuana. One was, surprisingly, the Philippine National Police.

Instead of remaining silent and simply let the medical experts and lawmakers do the debating, the PNP came out not favoring marijuana legalization.

Why the PNP would not like…

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