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Marijuana legalization initiatives have appeared on ballots for decades as the legalization of cannabis at various levels has spread across the country.

Florida appears to be on track to have a question about legalizing recreational marijuana on the ballot in 2024, but the initiative is being challenged by state Attorney General Ashley Moody. Here is what to know about the proposed ballot initiative.


The proposed 2024 ballot initiative

The initiative is spearheaded by the group Smart and Safe Florida, which is led by country music artists Howard and David Bellamy, and pushes for “a safe and legal cannabis industry in Florida.”

“About three-fourths of Florida voters support legalizing marijuana. It is clear that Floridians are more than ready to pass the laws necessary to establish a safe, legal cannabis industry for adults over 21 that establishes straightforward penalties for illegal sale or distribution, or violation of the regulations enacted,” Howard and David Bellamy said in a statement announcing the initiative in 2022.

The proposed amendment to the constitution would allow for the recreational use of marijuana by adults 21 and older in the Sunshine State, which would put it in line with alcohol and tobacco laws in Florida.

Requirements to pass the initiative

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