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Byron Nelson Jr., Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman

Byron Nelson Jr., Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman

By BYRON NELSON JR., Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman

In response to the op-ed written by Lyle Marshall, Hoopa Tribal Citizen, published in the Two Rivers Tribune’s Opinions Section on November 24, 2020, inaccurate allegations were made that are misleading and outright untrue. The topic of Cannabis and the legality of possession, growing, and distribution within the Reservation have been an ongoing discussion that have far reaching effects, both within our community, and a broader federal law system that has unique jurisdiction over the Tribe. It has been a heated conversation with divided opinion, discussion, and confusion over legislation addressing Title 34, of the Hoopa Tribal Code, banning the cultivation of cannabis within the Hoopa Reservation boundaries.

On June 19, 2018, a referendum was passed by the Hoopa Tribal Membership addressing Title 34 and whether or not growing cannabis is a legal or illegal act within the boundaries of the Reservation. Clarification of this Referendum should be presented to the Hoopa Tribal Court to obtain a judicial opinion to discern the language and meaning of the Referendum as confusion about the language that was presented on the ballot and what it had actually intended has been a topic for discussion for some time.

We all, for the most part, can agree the benefits of cannabis…

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