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It was the great contemporary poet Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. who once spoke of being “so motherfuckin’ high I could eat a star.”

Few mortals can boast of achieving such majestic heights. Mark Kelly, a man who orbited Earth hundreds of times as a NASA astronaut, is one of them.

Kelly is currently running to unseat Martha McSally as United States Senator for the great state of Arizona. Were he to win, Kelly would vote on federal policy, not state policy like the upcoming Proposition 207, which seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona.

But Kelly is a citizen of the state, and so when Brahm Resnik of 12 News grilled the candidate last week about his positions, he also asked Kelly where he stood on some Arizona ballot measures before voters on November 3.

Kelly squirmed on a few other questions but notably gave a direct answer on Prop 207. He’s for it.

“I think I’m gonna vote yes,” Kelly said. “It has some provisions in there to decriminalize it and address…

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